Nutritional Drink Made for Dialysis Patients


Being a long time dialysis patient, I have found the main thing is to keep protein, phosphorus, and potassium within range. Nepro Protein Drink is made specially for the Dialysis Patient. It is high in protein, low in phosphorus, and low in potassium. The only downfall is that it is kind of high in calories. Please check with your dialysis unit dietitian, if this would be a good product for you. Below is a link to the website where you can order it.,4,shop,thera,nepro&source=topnav?utm_source=google&utm_medium=ppc&utm_term=nepro&utm_content=sample&utm_campaign=2010%20Abbott%20Store%20Multibrand%20Nepro

Here is also a link to a patient assistance program that could help you get Nepro if needed.

I have personally used Nepro in my diet for many years and I know for a fact that it has helped me keep my "numbers" within range.

Hey, thanks for the information...another one we use in our unit is:

Liqua Cel...found at Target, you have to ask for it at the pharmacy.

Contains 16 grams of protein in 1 oz.  Flavors are grape and orange.  I personally like the grape.

1 oz...getting 16 grams is easy...the taste is not taste like grape can mix it in gingerale, 7 up..I just usually chase it with water.

Great information to share.  Patients on dialysis are to keep their albumin levels up.  It is recommended that it would be at 4.0 or more. 

Thanks getlife.  I just got some samples from my unit and I will be try it.  Knowledge is power!

16 grams of protein in an ounce isn't bad.  Since I don't pee at all anymore the liquid is an issue for me.  What are these companies thinking, fluid drinks for people on dialysis!


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