High prograf level??

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My transplant is almost 10 years old and i just found out while recently in the hospital that my prograf level is very high. They retested and it's still high...so doc cut my dose in half.

Anyone have any experience with this situation??


Hi Refurb:  Whereas I don't have any experience with my prograf levels being high, I do know that prograf is nephrotoxic, and it is very important that your prograf levels be monitored.  Too much prograf can cause rejection of the organ.  I don't mean to be scaring you, but it is important that your doc helps you get that undercontol before it causes some damage to the transplant.  Good luck.

What level were you running prior; what level were you at recently that is was high & then what level are you at now that your dose has been cut in half? 
What other meds are you taking with the Prograf?  There could be some cummulative effects going on here, with other drugs causing your Prograf level to run high.  Are you on anything that has been newly added (especially anti-fungals, etc!!). Do you take it with grapefruit juice?

If your levels run too high, you can run into things like neurotoxicity (shaking, hand tremors, etc), risk of lymphomas & cancers.  With too low levels, you can run into issues with rejection. 

Thank you both so much for your thoughts :)  My prograf level runs about 7.5 for as long as I can remember. Now it is a 12. For the last 9yrs I have been on 2mg AM and 2mg PM. She just cut it in half with 1mg AM and 1mg PM.

I have been in the hospital on and off for about 2 weeks. I was on levquin and promaxim (sp?) IV while in the hospital and left the hospital with cipro oral which i just finished this morning. Doc first thought the level was high because in the hospital of course they are taking blood morning, noon and night so I was not fasting like I normally do when I go to my outpatient lab at 6AM. I went to the lab last Friday to have it re-checked and it was still high. She just sent me to the lab this morning---so we will see.

Defintiely no grapfruit or pomegranite juice (just found out that is a no no as well).

I'm on the usual meds for transplant and I have Lupus too--no drugs out of the ordinary. I do know Prograf can be nephrotoxic so this is making me nervous.

Maybe all the IV antibiotics in the hospital--could that raise my prograf level?

Hope you will be feeling better soon Refurb.  I'll be thinking about you.


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